I am a photographer, director of photography and film director based in New York. My principal talent is as a creator, I do not prefix a shooting plan. I aim to create a completely new visual beyond my own imagination. “What is the most original visual for the campaign?”

I strive to make the visuals “ETERNAL", and I believe this is my best speciality. While shooting I do not overlook a single moment. I do not miss even a small differences as I adjust lighting and camera positions.

By avoiding predictable results I can enjoy a new creativity.I believe I can discover new and real expression by not dismissing any chance factor on set. Therefore, visuals I deliver are always lively, vibrant, passionate and unique.  


ALBION-cosmetics, ASAHI-BREWERY, AUDI, audio-technica, BACARDI, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, clorets, DECORTÉ, De'Longhi, Dr. Dennis Gross, eisai, EIZO, Esquire, ExxonMobil, FourRoses, FUJITSU, glico,

Gong-Cha, GUNZE, Haagen-dazs, ITOEN, Japan Airline, Jim Beam, JT, Kanebo, Kao, KENT, KFC,

KIRIN-BREWERY, KOSE, LARK, LG, Louis Vuitton, LUX, McDonald’s, Marlboro, masterMIND, Mercedes-Benz, Nestle, New Balance, Nike, Nikon, NISSAN, Panasonic, pepsi, PHILIP-MORRIS, panasonic, P&G, POLA, RHOTO, PRGR, ReFa, SAPPORO-BEER, Schick, SEIKO, SHARP, shuuemura, singha, SHISEIDO, SMBC, SoftBank, SONY, SRIXON, STARBUCKS, SUNTORY, SUQQU, TASAKI, TOSHIBA, TOTO, UFJ, Unilever, YOKOHAMA-tire, Van Cleef & Arpels, VISA, zespri